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This utility allows you to create printable bingo cards quickly and easily. You may print several bingo cards on a page or one. You may also use words and phrases on your bingo cards. If you decide to use phrases or words in your software you have the opportunity to print a master bingo sheet containing those words and phrases. The software will also tag your bingo cards for verification purposes. We have several tagging methods available including bar-coding. Each and every card will have its own unique number. You may also use our in-game calling system. If you purchase IBA Bingo Flashboard you can use the check card system along with bingo cards printed in IBA Bingo Card Maker to verify each winner. In addition, we have incldued a wizard which will allow you to change the area of your bingo cards. You may choose bingo cards as small as 3 x3 or as large as 10 x 10.

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